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Start-up Experience, Local Expertise and Can Do Attitude

CanIoT provides Sales Development and Marketing services to foreign or local tech companies wishing to maximize their opportunities in Australia & New Zealand.

What we do

Our team of Sales Consultants and Marketers implement your strategies to generate or grow revenue in Australia and New Zealand, without the need for you to invest in a full-fledged local structure.
CanIoT can help you build relationships with the local distributors, channel partners and end-users you target, and support them as your own local Sales and Marketing Manager would in order to accelerate your first wins.

Our Services

We are a small but fast-growing Australian market entry company, specialised mostly in IT (SaaS, Hardware), Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Telecom and Consumer Electronics, particularly focus on B2B, sustainable solutions and subscription business model.
CanIoT provides a wide range of sales and marketing services to start-ups desiring to maximise their opportunities in the region. We are here to support you from local channel development to project coordination, PR or digital presence.


Get the big picture on market size, the local competition and your opportunity window. Our team of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals can help you get a clear view of what you can expect from this market.

  • Market research
  • Competition review
  • Marketing strategy
  • Techno watch


To make the most of the opportunity, you need to make the right decisions. We’re here to help every step of the way, deciding with you where you need help and how we can best support your local strategy. 

  • Partner research
  • Distribution channel setup support
  • Partner training / Sales training
  • Web and catalogue design
  • Local support setup


You’re there! You have a product that reached Australian customers. We can help you increase your revenue and streamline your costs. 

  • Partner Management / representation
  • Channel expansion / optimisation
  • Virtual Salesforce
  • PR, Webinar & Events coordination
  • Product localisation support
  • Marketing localisation (SEO, SEM)

Some of our References

Aiming for the moon!

“Achievers have a can-do attitude that sets them apart from mere dreamers. They are sold out to success -no matter the obstacles” – Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur

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