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About the Company

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CanIoT’s anagram is ACTION. Caniot also means “jackpot” in French.
We are your partner in Australia / New Zealand with a “CAN DO IT” attitude.

CanIoT was founded by Renald in Sydney in April 2019. We are a fast-growing Sales Development and Digital Marketing agency, specialized first and foremost in supporting IoT and Ai start-ups / scale-ups but also disruptive IT (Software, Hardware) companies, Digital Health, and unique Consumer technologies. We also onboarded clients in other tech industries on sustainability or subscription business model.

CanIoT provides a wide range of services to firms (local and overseas) desiring to maximize their opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. Our services range from distribution channel establishment and management to digital marketing. 

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We connect the blocks between suppliers and B2B customers
Discussing the actual industrial applications and future use cases of how AI might make sense of the billions of connected devices to create more value @ Morgan Stanley AU Summit 2019.

About the Founder

Renald Gallis is a French-Australian based in Sydney, with 20+ years of sales & marketing experience in IT and IoT, in South East Asia (3 years), America (3 years), Europe (6 years), Australia / NZ (15 years).  Consultant  & Director of CanIoT, he was previously the Marketing & Ecosystem VP of Thinxtra (leading IoT solution provider in ANZ), Consultant for NextLevel (a consulting firm helping foreign companies and start-ups maximise their Asia Pac business) and Country Manager for LaCie (a data storage and IT peripherals manufacturer) ANZ, and sales director LaCie AsiaPac.  

Passionate about technology and sustainability and for the past 5 years dedicated to making IoT + AI amazing opportunities into simple to understand solutions that create efficiencies.
Also, an executive member of IoT Australia Alliance, an IoT+ AI evangelist and speaker to AsiaPac events relating to smart cities, e-health, Agtech, Industry 4.0, disruption, and of course, supporting innovative tech start-ups to thrive locally and globally.

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